Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Valentine’s Day is the day of love.  This year we took the time to gather a few gift ideas using the five types of love language as our guide. In this guide you will find a variety of gift ideas for those who express love using words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, or acts of service.

Check out the gift guide to help you find the perfect gift this coming holiday!


Words of Affirmation

Love of affirmation is a love language that is communicated through encouragement, affirmation, appreciation, empathy, and good listening skills. If your valentine expresses and appreciates those few things, gift them something significant to express your love this v-day. Lucky for you, we have found a few small but meaningful items that won’t make a dent in your wallet. Express your feelings to your valentine with a love letter in a greeting card, a customizable painting stone of your first date, or give them a scrapbook with all the memories throughout the relationship. All items can be found at our shopping center.

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  • Scrapbooks are available at Ross Dress for Less.

Physical Touch

The love language “physical touch” is for those who enjoy intimacy. Although this type of love language requires no gifting, you can give your valentine something unique if this is their type of love language. In this “physical touch” gift guide we have provided items that can allow your valentine to feel relaxed, loved, and cared for. Gift your valentine a special at-home spa, a teddy bear to cuddle with, or new bedding to feel nice and relaxed. All items can be found at our shopping center.

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Receiving Gifts

Have you ever heard your valentine say “It’s not the act of receiving the gift that means a lot to me, it’s the thoughtfulness they put into the gift that matters”? If you have, your valentine’s love language might be “receiving gifts”. This love language is communicated through giving thoughtful gifts and gestures to the person you love. Gift your valentine a new makeover or wardrobe for the evening for your special date. All items can be found at our shopping center.
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Quality Time

While gifting gifts and receiving gifts are always lovely options, some people’s primary love language is “quality time”. The love language “quality time” focuses on spending one-on-one time with uninterrupted and focused conversations. If you’re valentine values these moments the most, treat them to a romantic date this v-day. Options from our gift guide include a movie date to Regal Cinemas, dinner at Ruby Tuesday or Longhorn Steakhouse, or you can spend it at home with a nice bottle of wine from ABC Stores. 
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Acts of Service


The final type of love language “Acts of Service”, communicates to display that you as a partner is with them. Be that person for your valentine by gifting them something to help make life a little easier. Gift them something to help around the house like a new vacuum or noise-isolating headphones to keep them from being distracted. Both options show that you care, most especially during the times you’re not always around. All items can be found at our shopping center.
  • UV Care Dual Vacuum available at Eco Inventions
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