Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate moms and everything they do for us. Why not celebrate, by giving them a gift that will help our mom’s way of lifestyle? Well, we gathered a Mother’s Day 2021 gift guide to help you find the perfect give for your mom.


The Tech-Savvy Mom

Every woman, most especially the tech-savvy woman loves to show off her gadgets with style. Tech Savvy at GPO offers accessories for phones, computers, tablets, and more! The list is unlimited. Why not buy a cute accessory for the mom that’s “in” with technology.

  • Mofi Candy Keyboard $70 at Tech Savvy
  • Ipad 7th & 8th Generation Smart Keyboard Case $55 at Tech Savvy
  • iPhone 12 Phone Case $17 at Tech Savvy
  • Note 20 Ultra Phone Case $20 at Tech Savvy

The Working Mom

The working mom is the mom that is always on the go. But even if she’s on the go, she’s the mom that loves her everyday accessories to be cute and stylish too. Gifting a new handbag or a new watch to this type of mom is almost always a 100% satisfactory guarantee.

  • Guess Handbag $199 at Guess? Guam
  • Guess Watch $189 at Guess? Guam

The Fitness Mom




2020 was the year that made almost every mom become the “Fitness Mom”. Support your mom in her fitness lifestyle by gifting her a workout fit and a pre-workout or supplement to help her stay motivated.
  • Women’s Nike Dri-Fit Bottoms $53.99 at A.B. Sports
  • Women’s Nike Indy Bra $35.99 at A.B. Sports
  • Nike Bag $25 at A.B. Sports
  • Skechers Go Run $79.95 at Skechers
  • Amino Energy $33.19 at Vitamin World

The First-Time Mom




The “New Mom” is the mom that has begun a new amazing chapter in her life. Gift the “New Mom” a customizable item for the special memory you have with her or of her. It’s the perfect gift for the perfect memory.
  • 15×20 Painting Stone $39.99 at Memories of Guam
  • F&B Crystal Heart Keychain $39.99 at Memories of Guam