Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019

Whether Dad taught you how to drive, cheered the loudest at your games or bailed you out of trouble (from mom), a present is always a thoughtful reminder that you appreciate his presence. This year, get your dad or the new dad in your life something practical you can find at GPO!

Adventure Dad

Adventure Dad is ready to explore new destinations because there are always things to be done and places to see. When the journey takes the family to unexpected places make sure dad is prepared with Skechers Sport sneakers and an upgraded passport holder to one that represents home. Since he’s most likely to be outdoors, a new pair of Maui Jim’s, a shock-proof phone case and a solar-powered Diver’s watch will do wonders for his wanderlust.

  • Skechers Sport Stamina-Cutback with Memory Foam ($59.95) at Skechers
  • Hafa Adai Woven-print Passport Holder ($19.99) at Memories of Guam
  • Maui Jim RX-Able Cinder Cone Sunglasses ($299) at Time & Style
  • Seiko Solar-powered Diver’s Watch ($375) at Time & Style
  • Shock-proof Phone Cases ($15 – $25) at Tech Savvy

Classic Dad

He enjoys his morning coffee, appreciates well-polished shoes & collects classic novelties. To complete his functional-meets-stylish vibe, gift him the latest mugs, Classic Fit Skechers in Cognac and a matching phone case that doubles as a wallet.

  • Hafa Adai Guam Mug ($9.99) at Memories of Guam
  • Skechers Classic Fit Harman-Gaspar ($74.95) at Skechers
  • Zorro Ultimate Justice Zippo Lighter ($179) at Lighter Mania
  • 2-in-1 Protective Phone Case with card holders ($15 – $25) at Tech Savvy

Hipster Dad

He’s the laid-back, go-to dad that you and your friends can share jokes and smokes with and ask for real-life advice from. Surprise him with unique knick-knacks like a stylish cigarette case, new ashtray and a limited edition lighter that can fuel your next memorable camp-fire stories.

New Dad

Shower him with gifts for his first year of fatherhood! He can google “how to choose the best baby food” anywhere with a new Galaxy Tab and other portable electronic accessories. Plus, don’t forget to help him combat sleep deprivation and maintain a healthy routine with Vitamin World essentials.